What We Do

A process that works for you. There are five parts to the service we provide you:

1) Risk Mapping and Identification

  • Every business is unique, so we start by listening to your story. How did your business get to where it is and what drives its success? We listen to stories of your work, the triumphs and the bumps in the road. These stories bring to life what’s important to you and your values. The process is underpinned by a robust fact finding process to ensure we know all corners of your business.
  • We use our experience to map the exposures of your business. We talk about claims examples and common issues which brings into focus what your risks really are.
  • We establish your risk appetite. Whether you’re a large corporate with a well-established risk appetite statement or a start-up with no formal framework we work through a range of questions and scenarios to establish your risk appetite.
  • With the groundwork laid we agree on what cover we’re going to seek, the important details and how we’re going to take it to the market.

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