This is what the future looks like:

  • We only charge transparent fees, we don’t receive hidden commissions or kickbacks
  • You’ll be better informed: risk mapping, risk benchmarking, claims scenarios, insights and blogs
  • A simpler, faster insurance process with fewer forms to complete
  • You will have instant 24/7 access to all your insurance documents through our online customer portal
  • We manage your claims and support you through the claims process

The Partridge Advisory story began in 2018.

For more than 14 years Vincent worked in senior management roles in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. He managed large portfolios of global customers of varying size and complexity. He always had a passion for solving problems and working closely with clients.

As the years went on one thing became evident. There was a gap for customers, and it was getting larger, not smaller.

The gap was obvious, customers were not at the center of the insurance advice process. They were in the dark. It was time to put them in the light. We put customers back in control in two ways: specialise and modernise.

We specialise by going deep in our selected areas of focus and by sticking to what we’re good at. With more than 14 years of Financial Lines insurance experience, we've seen a lot. From helping clients navigate the Global Financial Crisis, to experiencing record-setting securities class actions, to seeing the dawn of Cyber claims, we have been at the center of insurance developments. We know where it goes right and where it can go wrong. Our pledge is to put you first, we’ll work closely with you to understand your business and help you to understand your risks so you’re making better-informed decisions every step of the way.

Modernising means changing the way things have always been done. We’re totally transparent with our fees (no nasty hidden commissions or kickbacks).

Modernising means doing things smarter. We use technology so all your documents are available 24/7 on our online portal. This means every time you need an insurance certificate to win a new client it’s right there. It also means having interactive risk tools and instant information, this keeps you better informed throughout and helps you make the right decisions. Technology also makes the insurance process easier, fewer forms to fill out and smarter questioning means your story shines through so you’re not just another number to Insurers. This all means we spend more quality time advising you and tailoring solutions and less time ticking boxes and doing administration.

We look forward to being your trusted advisor.